CV Maker


CV Tips

Some “do’s and don’ts” when creating your new CV.

Work History

List the information in reverse chronological order – from your most recent experience to your earliest job. Work history is invaluable because it illustrates to your potential, new employer that you have practical skills in executing the job you are interviewing for.


It is important to have completed your Matric, in order to compete within the South African job market. A tertiary qualification is also most definitely a bonus when applying for a job. However, it is important to note that a professionally constructed CV, including your relevant work experience is more likely to get you a foot in the door at your target interview.

Sell yourself, but never lie

A Clere for Men man looks good, feels good, and smells great for his job interview. First impressions are the most important when you meet your interviewer for the first time. You have to stand out from the candidates who you are competing against, so put on your best smile, tell your story about what makes you special and carefully consider all of the questions you are asked before answering them. You’re great, so show the world why you are right for this job. Be confident, but never dishonest.