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Clere for Men

The Clere For Men brand epitomises everyday skincare, giving today’s man a range of affordable products that are great value-for-money. We don’t want to just provide great products, we want to add value to your everyday life. This site has been designed to provide you with grooming, styling and CV creation tips, in order for you to become a better man. 2016 is your year. Make it count!

Keep it fresh. Keep it tidy

The content on the grooming and styling sections of this website will be updated constantly. Everything from sneakers, haircuts, and lotions and cremes will be discussed in conjunction with better ways to moisturise and stay fresh to death. Find us on Facebook here if you need any advice or are keen to share your iKasiStyle.

Job creation

Unemployment is rife in South Africa. The CV Maker on this site is intended to help you craft a better CV, and to promote yourself in the most professional manner. You can sign up and login at the top of this page, create your new CV with the easy-to-use CV Maker, have a copy mailed to you at the end of the process and get started on finding your new job.