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New Year’s Groom Guide

Many men think that grooming is only about keeping their eyebrows and facial hair under control, and making sure that their hair is stylish and on-trend. However, sometimes we need to step it up and add a little extra to our lives.

“Grooming doesn’t always have to be about looking your best, it also has to do with living your best,” says Selvan Naicker brand custodian for Clere for Men. “Our lives also need a little touch-up here and there. It’s a great feeling when your life is organised and everything is going to plan, and what many people don’t realise is that this is because they have made it so. Living your best directly relates to being your best.”

Naicker provides 5 tips on how to groom your life:

  1. Plan ahead – being organised keeps your life running smoothly with less stress and less grey hairs. Whether it is something as small as making sure you have enough petrol in your car for the next day, or making a standing appointment at the hairdresser, your life will run much smoother when you have it all under control.
  1. Keep it simple – there are products on the shelves that offer more than one benefit. Searching for the correct product can take time, but will eventually save you time and money. Clere for Men Body Lotions and Creams are designed not only to help keep your skin moisturised for 24-hours but also provide a lingering scent which lasts for the entire day. Available in three variants – Ice, Fire and Storm – you will be sure to find what you are looking for in an all-day fragrance and body moisturiser.
  1. Messy is not necessary – looking after yourself is not complete without looking after where you live and work. You don’t need to own the most expensive car, or live in the most exclusive suburb to have pride. A messy desk, a messy car and a messy home are complete turn offs, and it is a reflection that there needs to be a little care taken in other areas in your life.
  1. Stand tall – good posture shows that you are happy with yourself and that you are confident enough to show it off. A slouchy posture and a hunched back are not only damaging to your spine, but also indicates a negative self-image.
  2. Manners matter – the “please” and “thank you” your mother taught you when you were little are still important when you leave the nest, if not more important. Having manners shows that you treat others with respect and therefore have respect for yourself.

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