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Don’t be an Ashy Larry: Pro moisturising tips

Some aftershave and a clean shirt used to be all that was required for a night out. Things have changed! Men now dominate the mirror when it comes to preparing for a party.

Men take far more pride in their appearance these days, and want to look great. Along with this increased pride, there are more male-specific grooming products on the market. South African men battle to wade through the cosmetic aisle and choose face, body, hair and other grooming products that will suit their needs.

We have four tips for men looking for a body moisturiser:

  1. The starting point of this process is to realise that your skin needs daily moisturising. As the largest organ of the body, your skin needs to be taken care of
  2. Moisturising your body should form part of your daily skincare regime, just as you get out of the shower in the morning. Take some time to test the options available to you and find a suitably fragranced lotion that is light and easy to apply
  3. Find a lotion that is specifically designed and produced for men. The fragrance will be far more appealing too.
  4. Consider the season you’re in. In South Africa we’re heading into a long, hot summer. Choosing a lighter body lotion with a fresh fragrance will feel more natural in the hot weather.

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